Fiona Howroyd

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Fiona Howroyd

Role within SRMRC

Fiona is the Chief investigator for the ICU-CHAT trial: a feasibility study evaluating a novel communication device for voiceless tracheostomy patients in the ICU. She is also a co-investigator for the REVERE projects led by Dr Charlotte Small: interactive technologies to support recovery and rehabilitation in critical care, including REVERE Breathe and REVERE Move projects.

Other positions held

Senior Physiotherapist Team Lead – Critical Care Rehab Team


  • BSc – Physiotherapy
  • MRes – Clinical Health Research

Based at

Critical Care and Therapy Services, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham


Fiona Howroyd works in Critical Care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham as a Senior Physiotherapist Team Leader. Fiona graduated in 2010 from the University of Birmingham with BSC (Hons) in Physiotherapy and later completed her MRes in Clinical Health Research in 2019.

Fiona has particular research interests in the field of rehabilitation and recovery following critical illness. Fiona is affiliated to the NIHR SRMRC following her co-investigator role with the REVERE projects, led by Dr Charlotte Small. This has included a number of clinical trials evaluating the feasibility and usability of novel interactive technologies to support rehabilitation in critical care. This has included a co-investigator role for the REVERE Move and REVERE Breathe trials. Fiona was also chief investigator for the ICU-CHAT trial; a feasibility study which evaluated a novel communication device for voiceless tracheostomy patients in the ICU. Fiona is now supporting with the DELVE study which aims to evaluate an electronic weaning chart for patients weaning from mechanical ventilation in critical care.

Contact details

Fiona Howroyd