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Through research, the Centre can lead the way in the development of new treatments that can improve the patient journey from the conflict zone or roadside to when they leave hospital. This is met by sharing best clinical practice from the military frontline to the NHS and back again, providing a unique workspace where professionals from both the clinical and the scientific world work together and turn ground-breaking research into new treatments. Centre staff also work closely with victims of major trauma and their carers to ensure our research is relevant to their journey from injury to rehabilitation.


The NIHR SRMRC carries out research across all six of its themes. This research may be used to develop potential new treatments, which will then be subjected to clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

Our 24/7 research nurse team, the first nurse-led team in the country to operate out of a Major Trauma Centre, are currently recruiting to over 30 clinical trials. They are able to recruit 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round which enables them to reach patients regardless of the time they’re admitted. Trauma is not nine to five – so neither are our nurses.

Get Involved

Anyone with an interest in our research can get involved and you don’t need any previous experience of working in research. You may have lived experience of being a trauma, burn or critical care patient yourself. Alternatively, you may be a carer, relative, partner or friend of someone who has. We also welcome members of the public or organisations/charities who share an interest in our research and would like to find out how they can become more involved.

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