Dr Animesh Acharjee

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Dr Animesh Acharjee

Role within SRMRC

Animesh is a translational scientist, working in an interdisciplinary area that connects clinical, computational/statistical and basic research. An important part of his research is “data-driven innovation” where hypotheses can be developed from experimental/high throughput data to make clinical decisions. Animesh is involved in a number of projects within the SRMRC to analyse multi-omics data sets that generated from different clinical trials, such as; biomarker discovery, inflammation and Immuno-metabolism in trauma and multi-omics data integration.

Other positions held

  • Honorary Fellow, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham B15 2TH
  • Visiting Scientist, University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, CB2 1GA, Cambridge, UK
  • Senior Collaborator, NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, https://www.nnedpro.org.uk/key-collaborators-network/4592491540


  • PhD in Omics data analysis – Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • MSc in Bioinformatics – IBAB, Bangalore, India
  • BTech in Electrical Engineering – NERIST, India

Based at

Institute of Translational Medicine, Heritage Building (2nd floor), Mindelsohn Way, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TH


Dr Acharjee earned his PhD from Wageningen University in statistical machine learning applied on omics analysis. After his PhD, he moved to Lyon for his post-doctoral study with Synergie Lyon Cancer Centre, as a statistician. After his post-doctoral study, he was offered a position with BASF Plant Science, Gent, Belgium. Before joining the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, he worked at the University of Cambridge, focusing on metabolic driven diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes and liver cancer, using high throughput transcriptomics, metabolomics and lipidomics technologies. His research interests include high dimensional data analysis, predictive biomarker discovery, quantitative genetics and network biology. He has been granted several International fellowships from many organizations such as International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), Newton-Katip Çelebi Fund, São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), British Council, and Dutch Government.

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Dr Animesh Acharjee



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