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Role within SRMRC

I’m a band 5 research nurse working with patients who are eligible for research studies. My role involves ensuring patients have all the information they need to give informed consent to participate in a study, recruiting patients to trials, screening patients, collecting data and ensuring that the patients’ safety is maintained at all times in line with Good Clinical Practice.

Other positions held



BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

Based at

Institute of Translational Medicine


In 2015 I completed my degree in Adult Nursing at Birmingham City University. During my studies, I had worked as both a volunteer and a Healthcare Assistant at QEHB. My first registered nurse post was in Critical Care Area C (Neurology/Neurosurgery) at QEHB.  After 8 months I left to work in the community with the district nursing service and then with patients with complex healthcare needs.

After two years of working in the community, I was involved in an accident and came to QEHB as a trauma patient. The care I received at QEHB was amazing and inspired me to come back to the place that had looked after me so well.

Now as a research nurse, I want to learn as much as possible about the research process. I love being involved in improving the care, treatments and quality of life of people I’ll never even meet, both now and in the future through research. My goal is to go back to university alongside my job to further my education and my career in research.

Contact details

0121 371 4242

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0121 371 4242


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