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General plus specific work for SRMRC

The Diagnostic, Drug, Devices and Biomarkers (D3B) trial management team is part of the CRUK clinical trials unit based within the University of Birmingham https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/mds/trials/crctu/index.aspx

D3B are responsible for providing support to Clinical investigators/research intuitions and industry in all aspects of medical research within the NHS including; Grant and funding application, collaboration with industry partners, Trial methodology, Study design, Regulatory submission, Trial Management, Data Analysis and publication. In addition, the team supports all aspects of drug development, medical device development and supports investigators in their discussion with national and international regulatory agencies, industry and other academic partners.

In the SRMRC, D3B work on:

  • ACETICA – A pilot randomised controlled trial to examine the efficacy and optimal dose of Acetic Acid to treat colonised burns wounds
  • ADAPT – A prospective, phase II, single-centre, cross-sectional, randomised study investigating Dehydroepiandrosterone and its Profile in Trauma

Research Team

Mr Simon Bach
Dr Kristian Brock
Dr Abigail Clutterbuck-James

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