• Mar29

    29 Mar 2018

    Trauma Research Forum – March

    This month’s Trauma Research Forum takes place on Thursday 29th March at the Learning Centre at the University of Birmingham in room 223/224. This month’s forum will be chaired by Professor Liam Grover. To kick off…

  • Feb23

    23 Feb 2018

    Trauma Research Forum – February

    You’re invited to attend the February Trauma Research Forum. This month sees Jon Bishop doing a talk on “Statistics in Trauma Research: common errors and how to avoid them”. He will be followed by Kamal Yakoub talking about “The emerging role…

  • Jan26

    26 Jan 2018

    Trauma Research Forum – January

    This month’s Trauma Research Forum sees Mohammed Hadis showcasing his work in “The development of novel antibacterial technologies: High-throughput light delivery and characterisation for optimisation of photodisinfection” followed by Fiona Howroyd talking about her work with ‘Interactive…

  • Dec15

    15 Dec 2017

    Trauma Research Forum – December

    This month’s Trauma Research Forum sees Brit ter Horst talk about “Spray cells to enhance burn wound healing” followed by Anita Slade discussing her work on “What is Rasch Analysis? An introduction to Rasch analysis and…

  • Dec06

    06 Dec 2017

    “Improving Trauma and Burn patient care: The clinical relevance of omics based research”

    Prof Ronald Tompkins (Harvard Medical School, Boston) “Improving Trauma and Burn patient care: The clinical relevance of omics based research” Wednesday 6th December 2017 5:00 – 6:30pm Leonard Deacon Lecture Theatre, College of Medical and…

  • Dec05

    05 Dec 2017

    ‘The gut microbiome and antibiotic resistance’ – Professor Willem van Schaik

    ‘The gut microbiome and antibiotic resistance’ Professor Willem van Schaik Tuesday 5 December –Lecture Theatre 5, Education Centre, QEHB 5pm – 7pm Refreshments served from 4.30pm This seminar will see Professor Willem van Schaik discussing…

  • Nov24

    24 Nov 2017

    Trauma Research Forum – November

    This month’s Trauma Research Forum will see Khaled Al-Tarrah talking about “Steroid Hormone Status and Its influence on Outcomes following Major burn Injury” shortly followed by Erik Hughes discussing his work on “Formulation of ceramic…

  • Oct27

    27 Oct 2017

    Trauma Research Forum – October

    At this month’s Trauma Research Forum we have Dr Jon Hazeldine talking about “Mechanisms underlying trauma-induced changes in inflammation and immunity” followed by Ghazala Begum speaking on “Neuroprotective cell/drug therapies for ocular injuries”. Details: 9am-10am, room…

  • Sep29

    29 Sep 2017

    Trauma Research Forum – 29 September 9am

    Trauma Research Forum – Friday 29 September – 9am – 10.30am – room 223/224, Learning Centre, University of Birmingham. Speakers: Major David Naumann – 9am “Major trauma and haemorrhage causes damage to the microcirculation: a…

  • Aug15

    15 Aug 2017

    SRMRC Showcase

    This is an event showcasing all of the ground-breaking work being carried out by the NIHR SRMRC team.

  • Jun05

    05 Jun 2017

    SRMRC Showcase

    The NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre’s showcase is a great opportunity to hear about all of the research studies being carried out by the team at the centre as well as an update…

  • May26

    26 May 2017

    Research Forum – Friday 26 May – 9am

    This month’s Research Forum is set for Friday 26 May at the Learning Centre in room 223/224 at 9am. The speakers this month are: 9am – Eva O’Grady: ‘Hand and Peripheral Nerve (HaPN) Research Network…

  • May02

    02 May 2017

    Reconstructive Advances and Efforts Spanning Military Medicine to Civilian Care in the U.S.

    We have a speaker visiting from the U.S. called Dr Ian Valerio who will be giving a talk titled ‘Reconstructive Advances and Efforts Spanning Military Medicine to Civilian Care in the U.S.’. Dr Valerio is…

  • Mar08

    08 Mar 2017

    NIHR SRMRC Trauma Research Forum Seminar – Biomarkers for TBI: Golden Hour Update

    Wednesday 8 March 10.30-12.00, IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham Biomarkers for TBI: Golden Hour Update Speaker: Dr Valentina Di Pietro Dr Valentina Di Pietro will talk about potential biomarkers that can discriminate between…

  • Feb22

    22 Feb 2017

    NIHR SRMRC Trauma Research Forum Seminar

    Wednesday 22nd February, 10.30-12.00, IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham ‘Birmingham Objective Scar Scale (BOSS) study’ Speaker: Kwang Chear Lee With the emergence of new pharmalogical anti-scarring treatments, there is a need for validated and…

  • Feb14

    14 Feb 2017

    Additional Seminar

    Tuesday 14th February, 11:30am – 12:30pm, IBR Seminar room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham ‘Studying parallels in the inflammatory response to wounds and to cancer’ Speaker: Prof Paul Martin (School of Physiology and Pharmacology,…

  • Feb08

    08 Feb 2017

    NIHR SRMRC Trauma Research Forum Seminar

    Wednesday 8th February, 10.30-12.00, IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham ‘Dysregulation of NET formation following thermal injury and its association with multiple organ failure’ Speaker: Robert Dinsdale Followed by discussion and project updates from…

  • Jan25

    25 Jan 2017

    NIHR SRMRC Trauma Research Forum Seminar

    Wednesday 25th January, 10.30-12.30, IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham ‘Immune dysfunction within 1-hour of injury is associated with the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome’ Speaker: Jon Hazeldine Followed by discussion and…

  • Dec08

    08 Dec 2016

    NIHR SRMRC Lecture

    Prof Andrew Baird (Dept of Surgery, University of California, San Diego) “A Uniquely-Human Response to Injury, Infection and Inflammation Defined by the Emergence of Uniquely-Human Genes During Human Evolution” Thursday 8th December 12:00 – 13:00…

  • Nov22

    22 Nov 2016

    Life Sciences in Six

    Tuesday 22nd November 10:00 – 11:30am Bramall Concert Hall, University of Birmingham (refreshments served from 9.30am) A swift way to learn more about the life-changing, life-saving, life sciences research taking place across the University of…

  • Mar11

    11 Mar 2016

    NIHR SRMRC Dissemination and Networking Event 2016

    Dissemination and Networking Event 2016 Date: Friday 11 March 2016 Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, Education Centre, Level 1, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham To register for the event please email with your name, job title,…

  • Nov25

    25 Nov 2015

    Research Forum

    Research Forum Date: Wednesday 25 November 2015 Time: 10.30-12.00 Venue: IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham The next NIHR SRMRC Research Forum will take place on Wednesday 25th November (10:30–12:00) in IBR seminar room…

  • Nov10

    10 Nov 2015

    Research Forum

    Research Forum Date: Tuesday 10 November 2015 Time: 09:30–11:00 Venue: IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham The next NIHR Surgical Reconstruciton and Microbiology Research Centre Research Forum will be held on Tuesday, November 10,…

  • Oct28

    28 Oct 2015

    Research Forum

    Research Forum Date: Wednesday 28 October 2015 Time: 10:30–12:00 Venue: IBR Seminar Room (N143), Medical School, University of Birmingham Come along and learn more about the ground-breaking research being carried out by University Hospitals Birmingham and…

  • Oct06

    06 Oct 2015

    Road Awareness Event

    Road Awareness Event Date: Tuesday 06 October 2015 Time: 10:00–14:00 Venue: Chancellors Court (next to “Old Joe”), University of Birmingham main campus The NIHR SRMRC are teaming up with the West Midlands Fire Service, the University…

  • Sep01

    01 Sep 2015

    Café Scientifique

    Café Scientifique @ Pure Bar   Date: Tuesday 1st September 2015 Time: 19:00-21:00 (doors open 18:00) Venue: Pure Bar, 30 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B2 5TJ   **This event is FREE and no registration is necessary, but…

  • Jun06

    06 Jun 2015

    Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

    Date: Saturday 06 June 2015 Time: All day Venue: Yorkshire Dales   The NIHR SRMRC are teaming up with staff from the Critical Care Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birminhgam (QEHB) and QEHB Charity to raise money for…

  • May20

    20 May 2015

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Research Showcase

    Date: Wednesday 20th May 2015 Time: 10am-4pm Venue: Main Atrium, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2WB Experts at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham are giving the public a chance to see some of the latest developments…

  • Mar24

    24 Mar 2015

    Cyclists! Take care, be aware

    Cycle Safety Campaign ‘Take Care, Be Aware’ Date: 24 March 2015 Time: 09am-2pm Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB atrium or outside the main entrance, weather permitting)   Following the success of our ‘It’s Vital…

  • Mar06

    06 Mar 2015

    Open Seminar: Human Factors in Extremis

    Human Factors in Extremis: Capturing the lessons of the frontline Date: 06 March 2015 Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham   An Open Seminar focusing on the challenges of maintaining human factors under the most extreme…

  • Mar04

    04 Mar 2015

    Concussion Seminar at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

    Concussion: Facts, Fiction and the Future of Sport Date: 04 March 2015 Time: 18:00-20:00 (Tea/Coffee at 17:30) Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, Education Centre, First Floor, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham   **To book your place, visit our Eventbrite…

  • Mar04

    04 Mar 2015

    Open Seminar: Professor Stephen Davies

    Professor Stephen Davies: “Development of Astrocyte and Decorin-based Therapies for CNS Repair” Date: 04 March 2015 Time: 12pm-1:30pm Venue: Lecture Theatre 5, Education Centre, First Floor, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham No registration is necessary   Professor…

  • Feb19

    19 Feb 2015

    Professor Robin May Inaugural Lecture

    Date: Thursday 19 February 2015 Venue: Lecture Theatre G15, Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham Edgbaston Campus   Join us to celebrate with Robin May as he gives his Inaugural Lecture entitled, “Cells, Bugs, and Rocky Road: Adventures in Infection Biology…

  • Feb03

    03 Feb 2015

    Café Scientifique

    Café Scientifique @ Jekyll & Hyde   Date: Tuesday 3rd February 2015 Time: 19:00-21:00 Venue: Jelkyll & Hyde, 28 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham , B4 6BJ   **This event is FREE and no registration is necessary** Theme Lead…

  • Dec09

    09 Dec 2014

    Cyclists! It’s Vital to be Visible

    Experts from the NIHR SRMRC are launching a series of hard-hitting campaigns to help city cyclists stay safe. The first event will take place on Tuesday 9th December from 10am to 3pm in the atrium…

  • Jun04

    04 Jun 2014

    Microbiology Workshop

      Novel Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Hospital Infections Workshop Wednesday 4 June 2014 13:00 – 16:15 Lecture Theatre 2, Education Centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham The aim of this workshop is provide…

  • May24

    24 May 2014

    European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery / World Trauma Congress

    The 15th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery and the 2nd World Trauma Congress will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 24th to 27th, 2014.

  • Mar27

    27 Mar 2014

    Trauma and Blast Inflammation Symposium (TABIS)

    The Trauma and Blast Inflammation Symposium (TABIS) will examine the current state of the art in research into inflammation following trauma and blast injury, bringing together some of the world’s leading experts to share ideas and develop new partnerships.

  • Mar19

    19 Mar 2014

    Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury

    IBIA World Congress is the largest gathering of international professionals working in the field of brain injury.

  • Dec12

    12 Dec 2013

    Colt Foundation Research Meeting

    The Colt Foundation Research Meeting highlights the work being carried out in the Defence Medical Services.

  • Dec05

    05 Dec 2013

    2013 John Ash lecture

    Venue: Arthur Thomson Lecture Theatre, University of Birmingham The  2013 John Ash Lecture will be given by Professor Paul McMaster as part of the History of Medicine autumn lectures. Professor McMaster established the liver transplant…

  • Nov06

    06 Nov 2013

    SRMRC Internal Showcase

    Date: Wednesday, November 6 Location: Lecture Theatre 3, Education Centre, QEHB This event will provide the opportunity to hear about the SRMRC”s research findings from the research fellows and PhD students. Click here to view…

  • Oct30

    30 Oct 2013

    William Withering Lecture 2013

    The 2013 William Withering Lecture, “Military mental health: Myths and Realities”, will be given by Professor Sir Simon Wessely, the Director of the King’s Centre for Military Health Research at King’s College London. Ten years have passed since…

  • Oct29

    29 Oct 2013

    Medical Devices for Wound and Trauma Management

    This event is hosted collaboratively between NIHR Bradford Wound Prevention and Treatment HTC and NIHR Birmingham Trauma Management HTC, and supported by the Health Tech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network.

  • Oct18

    18 Oct 2013

    Patient and families group meeting

    On October 18, SRMRC is holding the first event for its patient and families group. The event is being held in the Postgraduate Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and is open to any patient who…

  • Sep26

    26 Sep 2013

    Inaugural Symposium – University of Warwick Division of Microbiology and Infection

    Venue: Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL You are invited to celebrate the establishment of the University of Warwick’s Division of Microbiology and Infection, which will be showcasing its research. Speakers include: Mark Achtman Jim Beynon…

  • Sep09

    09 Sep 2013

    World Trauma Symposium

    The second World Trauma Symposium in Las Vegas is an event from the creators of the world-renowned Prehospital Trauma Life Support Program (PHTLS), presenting the latest information on the care of prehospital trauma patients and global trends in trauma care from internationally recognized experts.

  • Apr22

    22 Apr 2013

    14th International Trauma Conference

    The 14th International Trauma Conference is being held at the Park Inn in Telford from April 22 – 26, 2013. The event is chaired by Prof Sir Keith Porter, Director of the SRMRC, and includes…

  • Apr18

    18 Apr 2013

    SIRS and SGCNS patient event

    An event is being held for patients and their families who took part in the Steroids and Immunity through to Rehabilitation Study (SIRS) and the Surgeon General’s Casualty Nutrition Study (SGCNS), so researchers can share early results…

  • Apr08

    08 Apr 2013

    NIHR HTC launch event

    A full-day launch event is being held for the NIHR Birmingham Trauma Management Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) to showcase the co-operative’s objectives and plans, as well provide a networking opportunity. The event is aimed at strategic…

  • Dec11

    11 Dec 2012

    Seminar: managing spreading depolarisations in the brain

    Professor Anthony Strong’s talk for the most recent of SRMRC’s seminar series provided an insight into an area of neurological research which could be the basis for new approaches to some kinds of brain injury.…

  • Dec10

    10 Dec 2012

    Seminar: Managing the injured brain

    The next event in the regular SRMRC seminar series will take place on December 10, featuring Professor Anthony Strong from King’s College London. The title of Prof Strong’s talk is ‘Spreading depolarisations – tsunamis – in…

  • Nov23

    23 Nov 2012

    SRMRC First Anniversary Dissemination Event

    The ongoing work and future plans of the NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC) will be set out in an event on November 23 to mark the centre’s first full year of operation.…

  • Nov15

    15 Nov 2012

    Seminar: Microbial biofilm formation on mucosal surfaces

    This event was part of the regular SRMRC seminar series  and featured Professor Marnie Peterson from the University of Minnesota. Prof Peterson is an associate professor in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology of the College…

  • Oct11

    11 Oct 2012

    Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Symposium

    The Composite Tissue Allotransplantation (CTA) Symposium will provide an overview of the state of this type of reconstructive surgery in the UK and look at how it is researched and carried out around the world.

  • Oct03

    03 Oct 2012

    Industry Awareness Day: Towards the future of trauma care

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham is hosting an event designed to encourage the interaction of various industries with clinicians and researchers working in the broad field of trauma. This industry awareness day is being organised by…

  • Sep24

    24 Sep 2012

    Seminar: Inflammation, acute kidney injury and mortality in emergency admissions

    Seminar by Dr Simon Ball, Nephrology – Consultant, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. Refreshments from 17:00.

  • Jun25

    25 Jun 2012

    Surgical reconstruction following head injury

    Mr Tony Belli discussed some of the challenges and opportunities presented in the…

  • May28

    28 May 2012

    Seminar: Learning from combat operations

    Alan Hepper of DSTL provided a fascinating insight into the complex challenges of…

  • Apr24

    24 Apr 2012

    Advances in the management of bone infection

    Miss Bose gave a superb insight into the many challenges faced when dealing with bone infections…

  • Feb01

    01 Feb 2012

    Seminar: Scientific evaluation of trauma care

    Prof Roberts is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an editor of Future Microbiology, as well as a member of the Medical Research Council’s College of Experts.

  • Jan17

    17 Jan 2012

    The Combat Trauma Innovation conference

    Several leading UHB clinicians provided an international audience with an insight into…

  • Dec19

    19 Dec 2011

    Severe leg trauma – are engineers better than surgeons?

    Col Clasper provided an insight into how engineers and clinicians are combining their skills to develop new approaches to severe leg trauma.

  • Nov28

    28 Nov 2011

    Blast Lung Injury

    Dr Iain Mackenzie provided an intriguing look into one of the most complex types of injury suffered by military patients: blast lung injury.

  • Mar26

    26 Mar 2011

    From hair follicle stem cells to neuronal cells

    Cell-based therapy is a rational approach for replacing lost neurons following injury or neurodegenerative disease…

  • Feb27

    27 Feb 2011

    Maxillofacial ballistic injuries

    Mr Parmar provided a fascinating insight into the developments underway with maxillofacial surgery…