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    26 Nov 2014

    Trauma in the News

    Trauma has hit the headlines this week, following the tragic incident involving cricketer Phil Hughes. Hughes, a batsman for the Australian side, was knocked unconscious and later died  following a knock to the head by a…

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    20 Nov 2014

    Innovative research published in Genome Medicine

    Beryl Oppenheim, a microbiologist from the NIHR SRMRC, has been involved with the pioneering use of whole genome sequencing in real time to help control a hospital outbreak of Acinetobacter baumannii. A. baumannii is a…

  • Military and civilian working together 191x123

    10 Nov 2014

    Find out more about our work in the latest edition of News@QEHB

    The November edition of News@QEHB is now out and we’re in it. Turn to page 8 of the newspaper, which is for patients, staff, visitors and volunteers at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, to read about how…

  • BMJ Open 191x123

    05 Nov 2014

    BMJ Open publishes study using whole-genome sequencing

    ‘Seeking the source of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in a recently opened hospital: an observational study using whole-genome sequencing’ has been published today in BMJ Open. With crucial input from Dr Nick Loman and Dr Beryl…

  • Jon Hazeldine 191x123

    05 Nov 2014

    Patients come first, even on wedding day

    Many people find it difficult to sleep in the early hours before their wedding but few are at work analysing blood samples at 1am. Jon Hazeldine is so dedicated to his job that even on…

  • med showcase 191x123

    05 Nov 2014

    Medical Sciences Showcase Event

    Members of the NIHR SRMRC team presented their work at an event led by the UK government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) on Thursday 23rd October 2014. The Medical Sciences Showcase Event, which took…

  • EDExterior1 191x123

    04 Nov 2014

    Could antibiotics be the key to saving the lives of trauma patients?

    Common medicines such as antibiotics and statins could be the answer to saving lives lost through injury, a report in The Lancet published earlier this month has suggested. The article is written by an international…