Why do we need the centre and what does it do?

The NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre brings military and civilian trauma surgeons and scientists together to share innovation in medical research and advanced clinical practice in the battlefield to benefit all trauma patients in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) at an early stage of injury.

The Centre has been established at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where all injured service personnel are treated after evacuation from the frontline in Afghanistan.

Research focuses initially on the most urgent challenges in trauma, including:

  • Surgical care after multiple injuries or amputation
  • Fighting wound infections
  • Reconstructing and regenerating tissue

For every trauma fatality in England, two people are left with severe and often permanent injuries. Currently, variable research into trauma care means advances are not always shared across the NHS.

The NIHR SRMRC forms a central point in England for trauma research where knowledge can be translated into real improvements in care for all NHS patients and beyond. It will be the first and only research centre of its kind in the UK to focus both on military and civilian care and treatment.

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