• Acinetobacter Baumannii

    28 Jun 2013

    Trauma newsround – 28/6/2013

    This week: a new antibiotic for the US military to tackle wound infections, a breakthrough in treating eye injuries, the NFL holds a head injury conference and news of biomarkers to diagnose head injuries.

  • DoD 191 x 123

    21 Jun 2013

    Trauma newsround – 21/06/2013

    Each week, the SRMRC will look at some of the major trauma research stories from around the world. This week, the US government develops a new facilty to study traumatic brain injury, reseachers in Pittsburgh identify similarities between the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease, and a team in Singapore demonstrates a new approach to DNA sequencing which could improve the diagnosis of wound infections.

  • Yates Clara 191x123

    17 Jun 2013

    SRMRC research fellow presents findings

    SRMRC researcher Dr Clara Yates travelled to the United States recently to attend an international conference, where she shared and discussed some of the data she has gathered. She attended the 2nd International Society for…